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Diplomat Translation is a leading provider of academic transcript translation services and diploma transcript translation services. In today’s globalized world, academic achievements hold the key to numerous opportunities. Whether you’re an international student aspiring to study in the UK, a professional seeking career advancement abroad, or an institution aiming to admit foreign students, the need for precise, certified translations of academic certificates, diplomas, and transcripts is paramount. Diplomat Translation understands the significance of your academic journey and offers expert Certified Transcript Translation services that open doors to academic and professional success.

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Our Academic Document Translation Services

1. Certified Translation for Academic Certificates

  • Accurate translations of academic certificates, diplomas, and transcripts, preserving original formatting.
  • Sworn translators with in-depth knowledge of academic terminology, who also provide you with official certification for global acceptance.

2. UK ENIC (former NARIC) Approved Translations for Diplomas and Transcripts

  • We provide translations recognized and approved by UK ENIC (formerly NARIC), ensuring your qualifications meet UK education standards.

3. UK FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office) Accredited Translations for Degrees, Diplomas, and Academic Transcripts

  • Accredited translations that adhere to the highest standards, recognized by the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office.

4. Home Office Approved Certified Translations for Academic Documents by Sworn Translators

  • Our certified translations are accepted by the Home Office, facilitating visa applications and immigration processes.

5. Official Certified Translation for Diploma and Transcript in the UK

  • We offer official translations that attest to the accuracy and authenticity of your academic records.

Why Certified Diploma and Transcript Translation Services Matter?

1. Academic Pursuits

Certified translations are essential for international students applying to UK educational institutions. Precise translations ensure eligibility for enrollment.

2. Professional Advancement

If you’re pursuing employment or career growth in the UK or abroad, certified translations of your academic qualifications enhance your credibility and job prospects.

3. Immigration and Visa Applications

Many immigration authorities require certified translations of academic documents to assess eligibility for visas or residency.

4. Legal Compliance

In some legal matters, such as name changes or immigration status adjustments, certified translations of academic records are essential for compliance.

5. Academic and Professional Recognition

Certified translations are often needed to have your qualifications recognized in your destination country.

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Why Choose Diplomat Translation for Diploma and Transcript Translation Services?

Diplomat Translation assists with certified transcript translation services, including university transcript translation.

Sworn Translators

Our team comprises sworn translators with expertise in academic translation, ensuring precision and authenticity.

Multilingual Support

We offer translations from and into over 25 languages, making your academic records accessible globally.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of deadlines. Count on us for swift, reliable translations to meet your time-sensitive needs.

Global Acceptance

Our certified translations are recognized and accepted by educational institutions, employers, and authorities worldwide.


We offer competitive pricing for certified translations, providing value for your investment.


Your academic documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality and security.

How to Translate Transcripts & Diplomas?

Translating transcripts and diplomas may seem daunting, but with Diplomat Translation, it’s a straightforward process:

Contact Us:

Reach out to our friendly team with your academic document translation request.

Submit Your Documents:

Provide us with clear scans or copies of your transcripts, diplomas, or degree certificates. The better the quality of your documents, the more accurate the translation.

Choose Your Language:

Specify the language you want your documents translated into. Our experts handle over 25 languages, ensuring your translations are tailored to your needs.

Receive a Quote:

We’ll swiftly provide you with a competitive quote for the translation service, including certification.


Once you accept the quote, make the payment using our secure and convenient payment methods.

Translation Begins:

Our sworn translators, well-versed in academic terminology, commence the translation process. Rest assured, your documents are in capable hands.

Quality Assurance:

After translation, we perform rigorous quality checks to ensure precision, accuracy, and compliance with academic standards.


Upon completion, we attach an official certification, including an official letter and stamp, validating the accuracy of the translation.


Your certified translated documents are promptly delivered to your preferred address, meeting your deadlines.

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What is a Transcript, Diploma, or Degree Certificate, and Why is it Important?

Transcripts, diplomas, and degree certificates are essential academic documents:


A transcript is a detailed record of a student’s academic performance, including courses taken, grades earned, and credit hours completed. It provides an overview of one’s educational journey and accomplishments.


A diploma is a formal document awarded upon graduation from an educational institution. It signifies the successful completion of a specific course of study and is often considered proof of academic achievement.

Degree Certificate:

A degree certificate is typically conferred upon the completion of a degree program. It specifies the type of degree earned (e.g., Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.) and the field of study. It holds significant value in academic and professional contexts.

The importance of these documents lies in their ability to validate your educational achievements, making them crucial for academic progression, employment opportunities, and various legal and administrative processes.

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Multilingual Transcript Translation

Our team of skilled translators is well-equipped to handle transcripts, diplomas, and degree certificates from diverse linguistic backgrounds. We provide accurate and culturally sensitive translations to ensure your academic records are globally accessible and accepted.

Trust Diplomat Translation for multilingual transcript translations that open doors to educational, professional, and personal opportunities worldwide.

Do I Need to Translate my Academic Transcripts?

Whether you need to translate your academic transcripts depends on your specific situation:

Studying Abroad: If you plan to study abroad, you may need translated transcripts to apply to educational institutions in your destination country.

Employment: When seeking employment in a foreign country, translated transcripts can enhance your job prospects by showcasing your academic qualifications.

Immigration: Some immigration authorities require translated transcripts for visa applications and residency permits.

Professional Licensing: In certain professions, such as healthcare or law, translated transcripts may be necessary to obtain professional licensing.

Name Changes: If you legally change your name and your academic records bear your previous name, translated documents can help establish continuity.

Legal Matters: In legal matters, such as court cases or legal disputes, translated transcripts may be needed to support your claims or provide evidence.

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