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Welcome to Diplomat Translation’s Human Transcription Services, where accuracy, reliability, and transparency meet unmatched quality. Our team of certified transcriptionists is committed to delivering precise and timely transcriptions for a wide range of industries and purposes. With a focus on human-generated transcripts, we ensure that your audio and video content is transformed into text with the highest level of precision and attention to detail. Discover the benefits of our human transcription services and how they can enhance your business operations.

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Why Human Transcription Matters

Human transcription matters because it ensures accuracy, capturing nuances, accents, and context that automated transcription may miss. This precision is crucial in fields like legal, medical, and academic transcription, where errors can have serious consequences. Additionally, human transcription enhances accessibility by making audio and video content searchable and comprehensible for a wider audience, promoting inclusivity and understanding.

Our Human Transcription Services

At Diplomat Translation, we offer a wide range of human transcription services, including:

1. Legal Transcriptions

Accurate transcriptions of court hearings, depositions, legal interviews, and more.

2. Medical Transcriptions

Precise transcriptions of medical reports, patient records, and healthcare-related content.

3. Business Transcriptions

Transcripts for meetings, interviews, webinars, and other business-related recordings.

4. Academic Transcriptions

Transcriptions for lectures, research interviews, and academic conferences.

5. Audio and Video Transcriptions

We can handle transcriptions for various audio and video formats, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

6. Custom Transcription Solutions

If you have specific requirements or unique content, our team can provide customized solutions tailored to your needs.

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Why Choose Our Human Transcription Services?

Certified Transcriptionists

Our team comprises skilled and certified transcriptionists who meticulously transcribe your audio and video files, ensuring the utmost accuracy in every document.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing policy is transparent, providing you with clarity and affordability for your transcription needs.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our transcription services to meet your specific needs, whether you require verbatim transcripts, edited transcripts, or summaries.

Industry Expertise

We have experience in various industries, including legal, medical, academic, and business, ensuring that your transcripts are well-suited to your field.

Quick Turnaround

We understand the importance of time, and our efficient team strives to provide timely transcriptions without compromising on quality.


Your data is handled with the highest level of confidentiality and security, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

Experience the Power of Human Transcriptions with Diplomat Translation

Choose Diplomat Translation’s Human Transcription Services for accurate, reliable, and industry-specific transcriptions that meet your exact requirements. Contact us today to discuss your transcription needs and let us help you transform your spoken content into written form with precision, efficiency, and transparency.

Contact us to discuss your specific transcription needs, and let’s transform your spoken words into written with precision.

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