UAE Legalisation: Solicitor Certification Not Required


Embarking on your UAE journey? Diplomat Translations brings you a tailored UAE apostille solution for the legalisation of personal documents with a unique focus on items that require no certification. Our expert team understands the nuances of personal document legalisation and offers a comprehensive product page tailored to your needs. Diplomat Translations is committed to offering a solution that aligns with your needs, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming venture in the UAE. Visit our product page today to discover how we can elevate your legalisation experience.

*Cost is £150 / Per Document with 7 – 8 Working Days Delivery

**Please note that only the originals will be accepted by the Foreign Office

Diplomat Translation's Hassle-Free UAE Legalisation for Personal Documents

Embark on your UAE adventure with Diplomat Translations, your trusted partner in the seamless legalisation of personal documents. Our dedicated product page is designed to cater specifically to individuals seeking a rapid and straightforward process for documents that require no certification.

Effortless Legalisation for Your Personal Documents

Discover the convenience of a streamlined legalisation journey for your personal documents, eliminating the need for solicitor certification. Our product page focuses on ensuring a hassle-free process for documents like ACRO Police Clearance, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, and more.

Step-by-Step UAE Legalisation Process

Embark on your UAE legalisation journey with Diplomat Translations – where precision meets efficiency, ensuring your documents are handled with the utmost care at every step.

01. Document Certification by a UK Solicitor/Notary Public

At Diplomat Translations, our meticulous UAE legalisation process begins with the certification of your documents by a reputable UK Solicitor or Notary Public. It’s important to note that not all documents require certification; refer to our list for specific details.

02. Obtaining the Apostille Stamp

Next, we secure the essential Apostille stamp by presenting your documents to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. This critical step ensures the authenticity of your paperwork for the subsequent stages of the legalisation process.

03. Submission to UAE Embassy for Consular Stamp

Your document is then submitted to the UAE Embassy, where it undergoes scrutiny to obtain the consular stamp. This stamp is a testament to the validity of your documents in the eyes of UAE authorities, marking a pivotal point in the legalisation journey.

Comprehensive List of Eligible Documents

Explore our user-friendly product page featuring a comprehensive list of personal documents that do not require certification. From essential clearances to vital records, we provide clarity on which documents align with our simplified legalisation process.

    • ACRO Police Clearance
    • Adoption Certificates
    • Birth Certificates
    • Certificate of No Impediment (CNI)
    • Court Documents
    • Death/Coroner Certificates
    • Divorce Letters
    • HMRC Letters
    • Home Office Documents
    • Marriage Certificates
    • Medical Documents: Member of GMC
    • Pet Export document from DEFRA

Fast-Track Your Journey with Diplomat Translations

Choose Diplomat Translations for a swift legalisation experience, clearly outlined on our product page with an estimated turnaround time of 8-9 working days. Our commitment is to expedite the preparation of your documents, allowing you to confidently plan your move to the UAE without unnecessary delays.

Seamless Submission Process

Navigate the submission process effortlessly with our product page guidance. We walk you through the simple steps required for personal documents that do not necessitate solicitor certification. From document gathering to providing a photocopy of your valid passport, we ensure a straightforward submission experience.

Customer-Centric Support at Your Fingertips

At Diplomat Translations, customer satisfaction is paramount. Our product page not only informs but also reassures. For any inquiries or additional assistance, our dedicated team is just an email away. Experience personalized support to make your legalisation journey smooth and stress-free.

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Embrace the convenience of legalising your personal documents without the need for solicitor certification. Diplomat Translations is committed to offering a solution that aligns with your needs, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming venture in the UAE. Visit our product page today and discover how we can elevate your legalisation experience. Swift, hassle-free, and customer-centric – Diplomat Translations is your key to a seamless UAE legalisation journey.